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FREE International Shipping on Alpine Exposures Book

The downside of publishing a heavy photography book is that International shipping is a fortune; to some countries it costs more than the actual book. So I've added a slow 3 to 4 week FREE shipping option to the book. (Please note that there is no tracking code with this service.)

More info and ORDER HERE

You can still choose the faster courier 3-5 day shipping rate if you wish to pay extra for postage.


All UK orders will still be shipped overnight


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Alpine Exposures Photo Book- It's here!

This is the last day for signed orders! Click here for details


Well after 6 months of hard work I've finally received the first copies of my new book! 


When I started out on my first book I wanted to create something really unique, not just another coffee table book. After all no matter how good the shots are, a photo book does get very repetitive after a while. Finding the right balance of showcasing professional images but also keeping it interesting and lively with stories behind some of my bigger climbs and work shoots was a real struggle, but I'm really happy with the result. Now that I've just seen it for the first time in the flesh it's even more exciting!


This is a huge 288 page book that has something in it for all mountain lovers- over my decade as a mountain sports photographer I've covered skiing, alpinism, ice climbing, BASE, speed riding, paragliding, and landscapes and this book is packed with over 500 shots and 30 short stories about my favourite climbs and moments in the mountains. Crucially, all the shots contained are real- they are taken on real climbs or mountain days out with no staging so that every shot has a story behind it.



This is the last day for signed orders! Click here for details


If you haven't seen the preview that please take a look by clicking the image below....Christmas is coming, you know you want one!


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